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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What should I do if there is a delay in accessing the page?
On-Line registration speed of application is based on various factors like internet speed, large number of applicants trying to register at the same time etc. Therefore, if you are not able to view the registration pages immediately, please retry after 15 minutes or during off-peak hours.
2. How do I know that registration is successful?
'Successful Registration' is indicated in the page displayed after clicking the Submit Button. This page will display the generated "PASSWORD". Please note down the same carefully and preserve it.   Notification through email / SMS will be sent to the registered mail ID / Mobile Number.
3. I did not receive the email intimation for registration of my application?
"REGISTRATION NO." and "PASSWORD" are sent by auto-response confirmation e-mails. Delivery of these emails depends upon
The correctness of e-mail ID provided.
The e-mail delivery policy set by your e-mail service provider; to accept and divert such emails under bulk or spam mails or bounce back such mails.
In case of Govt. /official /company email ids, delivery is controlled by your company policies Therefore, please do not expect reply from us, if you do not receive such confirmation / auto-response e-mails.
4. I did not receive the acknowledgement / reply to my email communication?
"Reply to" e-mail Id for the application is created for the convenience of Candidate/Employee for genuine communication. Please do not use this address to send back the emails for "Acknowledgment", "Vacation Mail", "Friendship Offers", "Sales Offers" etc. Our e-mail server is configured to delete such emails automatically.
5. What details should I retain while replying to auto-response emails?
Reply to the auto response mail only if you have some genuine issue. Please retain the text containing "REGISTRATION NO." and "PASSWORD" details on the email.
6. What details should I provide while writing for the problem?
Please do not forget to provide following details while writing to us: (1) REGISTRATION NO. (2) PASSWORD (3) DATE OF BIRTH, (4) NAME as available in application. In case of application failure or any error message, we would like to have the screenshot of the error in JPG, GIF format or as MS Word file. Additionally, you may provide the PC Details including the Operating System (like Windows XP, Vista, Linux etc.) & Internet Browser & version (like Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla 3.0, Firefox 3.5 etc.) used.
7. I want to change / correct the details I entered in the portal?
You will be able to change the Mobile number and Email id in this website.
You will not be able to change the Address,Designation ,Name and DOB . Instead change the details in HRMS system.
8. If I don't have debit / credit card, How will I make the Payment?
You can use any of your family member / friends card to make the payment.
9. What is the process for taking up the test?
Candidate/Employee can register themselves by using https://clt.karnataka.gov.in/ by providing Registration number and Date of Birth.
On entering the valid details, system will generate the data from HRMS and display the Candidate/Employee profile details.
Once the details are provided / updated, then system will send Mail to the registered e-mail as well as SMS to the mobile number specified during registration.
Candidate/Employee can select online payment mode to pay the fees.
On payment realization, email /SMS will be sent to the registered email ID / SMS.
Candidate/Employee can login using the User name / Password for scheduling the exam.
Candidate/Employee can login using the User name / password on the day of the exam to take the exam.
10. What is the syllabus for the Computer Literacy test?
Click here for detailed syllabus
11. When Computer Literacy online test from computer training is conducted?
Currently this test is conducted only on Saturdays and Sundays.
12. What is the duration of the Test?
Duration of the exam is 90 Minutes
13. Is there any negative marking for wrong answers?
There is no negative marking against any wrong answer
14. What is the pattern of test?
All questions are of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) type and there would be also simulation/practical questions for the Candidate/Employee.
15. What is the marking system?
Each question carries 1 marks each and no negative marking for wrong answers.
16. How much marks to be scored to clear the exam?
For existing employees minimum 35% to be scored to clear the exam and for propective employees minimum 50% to be scored to clear the exam.
17. Amount paid through my credit / debit / ATM card, but the same is not reflected in the site.
Please make the payment again using the card. Amount paid earlier will be credited to your account in 7 to 10 working days.
18. Which language will the exam be conducted?
Exams will be conducted in English and Kannada
19. How much marks to be scored to clear the exam?
As per Government of Karnataka Notification Number: DPAR 15 SCR 2017 dated 5-7-2017 amendment of rule 2 (a), for the employees who joined before 22-03-2012, to pass, employee needs to secure not less than 35% (i.e.: 28 Marks). For the employees who joined on or after 22-03-2012, to pass, employee needs to secure not less than 50% (i.e.: 40 Marks).
20. When will be the score card available in the profile?
Score card will be available after one week from the exam date.
21. What should a Candidate/Employee do in case of any complaints on operational issues relating to test?
For any complaints on operational issues relating to test in any centre, please log on to the web site https://clt.karnataka.gov.in/ with your registration number and password and select "Register Complaint" option to register your complaint. You should be able to track the complaint using the docket number given to you at the time of registering the complaint.
22. what should a Candidate/Employee do in case of any problems faced during the time of registration before registration?
Candidate/Employee may send their issues / problem faced while registering to clt@karnataka.gov.in. Our help desk team will assist you in resolving your problem with in 24 to 48 hours.
23. If I have to take a test from the location out of India, how do I do it?
Currently test centers are available only in Karnataka, India.
24. How do I retrieve my password?
Password can be retrieved by clicking the link "Forgot password" option provided below the login button.
25. What are the reasons for some of the failures?
No internet connectivity in the system you are working or taking the test.
Website might have encountered some issue.
Might be typo error while typing the URL in the browser.
Invalid Registration Number.
You have not entered the correct registration number.
Database validation is encountering some problem.
26. If I fail in first attempt what should I do ?
If you cannot clear the test in first attempt, you have to schedule and appear for test again (2nd Attempt) by logging in your account like you did for the 1st attempt. But for the 2nd attempt you have to pay the fee.
27. While registering I am getting a message "Error while Connecting to Server" OR "Not Found the Data". What should I do?
Please mail to us at clt@karnataka.gov.in giving details about your problem along with your KGID no, Date of Birth (DOB) and Name. We shall check and revert back to you.
28. What are Identity proofs that are accepted & how many should I carry?
Any one original (Hard copy) among the five mentioned. Aadhrar/Driving Licence/Pass port/Voter Id/ PAN card.
Note: Entry to the examination hall would be denied, if an original ID proof as mentioned is not presented at the exam centre.
29. How to download the Digital certificate?
Please log on to the mentioned link:
https://clt.karnataka.gov.in/scorecard_login.php enter the credential to login, there will be Download option for Digital Certificate.
30. What is the process to get Valid Signature in the Digital certificate?
You need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader in the system, please refer the PDF format by clicking on to the http://clt.karnataka.gov.in/CLT_DigitalCertificate_Manual.pdf
31. I did not receive the Digital certificate in my profile?
Only for Passed candidate, Digital Certificate is generated and it is under signing process from the Government. Once signed, download link will be provided.
32. What should we do, if photo and signature is incorrect?
Please call to the helpline number or do drop a mail to clt@karnataka.gov.in with valid photo and signature mentioning your KGID number, DOB and Name.
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